Cathay Pacific Airways

Consumer Website

Working hand-in-hand with Cathay Pacific’s (US and Canadian) marketing teams, I was responsible for designing and developing many projects between 2010-2014. My main responsibilities revolved around online fares and digital marketing. During Cathay’s 2013 re-brand I converted the online fares UI (user interface) to meet the new branding guidelines. I was also responsible for designing and crafting the email marketing newsletters, which were being sent to an audience of around 500,000 people across US and Canada. I was also responsible for building landing pages for seat sales, giveaways and other online promotions.


CXagentsUSA / CXagentsCanada

Another project I worked on for Cathay Pacific was the re-brand of their Travel Agent website. CXAgentsUSA / CXagentsCA is an incentivized hub for Travel agents to submit flight transactions they have sold for Cathay Pacific.


Corporate Travel Solutions (COTS)

Another project I worked on for Cathay Pacific was the re-brand of their Business orientated website. Corporate Travel Solutions (or COTS) allows Businesses to signup and save up to 15% on Business Class travel.



‘I Can Fly’ Program

COMPANY: Cathay Pacific
PROJECT: I Can Fly Program

Another website that I re-designed and built was Cathay Pacific’s I Can Fly program website. It’s a small website built on a custom .NET framework.

“Cathay Pacific’s ‘I Can Fly’ program offers high school students the opportunity to step behind the scenes of commercial aviation to learn if it is the right career path for their future. ‘I Can Fly’ is an exciting program that aims to stimulate creativity while widening the horizons of our next generation.”



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